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For all support inquires, please fill out the customer support form from the following link. Although we cannot guarantee all emails will receive responses, we promise that we will do our best to read every single email and continue making innovations and improve our products.

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You may wish to visit the i-Gun Feature Request Forum to voice your opinions and vote!


Trouble-shootings for iOS Products

Developers cannot handle support requests associated with installation, sync and payment. We advise you contact Apple Support Team for all pre-installation diagnosis and trouble shooting. If you have trouble installing Classical Music Master Collection, make sure you have at least 4.5GB of free space before you download. You may also wish to download the app from device (or from PC, if your initial attempts have failed from device).

For those who have successfully installed one of our applications and wish to report bugs, we recommend that you try the following simple guides, before you contact us, as 90% of your symptoms will be gone.

1. Simply turn off your device and turn on again, (Press & hold power button for 3 sec) and see if this helps. Alternatively, you may wish to reset the device by pressing Power & Home buttons simultaneously for 6 sec. While all your data and installed software don’t get wiped out, we recommend that you back up all your information with iTunes, just in case.

2. Check out the blog post for news & updates. The problem you’re facing may be a known issue, and the fix may be on its way to the AppStore.

3. Upgrade your iPhone/iPod Touch with the latest firmware. Learn how

4. Uninstall the problematic app by tapping & holding on the icon from home screen for 3 seconds, and touching the ‘x’ mark on the upper right corner of the icon. Then reinstall the latest version of the software. (This may erase all data and settings within the app).

Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for jailbroken devices because hacked devices have modified OS and may cause troubles which we cannot identify or test upon.

Thank you!

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