Welcome to Vanilla Breeze’s Official Website!

We are dedicated to create fun, engaging, and innovative contents and applications for best mobile user experiences and values. Founded by a group of creative young talents in 2008, Vanilla Breeze has strived to mark a new height of distinction in the mobile application market. While we’re still enthusiastic about self-publishing great apps and games, and publishing other great developers’ works, we are constantly looking for great partners from different industries who want to explore the new emerging app market together whether it’s for the mobile, tablet, smart TV, or maybe even refrigerator or in-car system.


Why Vanilla Breeze?

- Lots of Mobile Experiences

We have developed 100+ apps for iOS, Android, bada, WP7, and other mobile, tablet, Smart TV devices, and we understand what it takes to bring a product from its concept to the storefront in the highly competitive open marketplace.

- Proven Track Records with Top-selling in-house Apps

Bringing together the collective experience in business strategy, UI/UX design, and interactive programming, we have been pioneering the app store with innovate products. As a result, we have marked an astounding 10,000,000 downloads as of March 2011 (excluding updates and downloads).

- A Reliable Partner

We have working relationships with top-tier global handset manufacturers and telecommunication carriers, including Apple, Google adMob, Microsoft, RIM, LG, KT, and Samsung.


Business Domains

- Mobile Games and Apps Development
- Android Contents Publishing – Korea, Japan, and China
- n-Screen UX Consulting and Cross Platform Software Deployment
- IP / Patent Licensing


How to Contact

As we are based outside the US, email is the most economic means of communication. Contact us at biz(at)vanillabreeze.com as we are open to all types of business opportunities. Thank you for your genuine interest in Vanilla Breeze!

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