Banner Deluxe


Make your iPhone/iPod touch a portable signboard!

Banner Deluxe is a scrolling banner application, artistically crafted by an award-winning designer.

You get rich text effects, including texture and shadow, along with aesthetic backgrounds, professionally designed templates, and more. It’s easy to enter text, symbols, and emoticons. It’s easier to customize your text settings. And it even supports multiple displays! Up to 10 iPod/iPhone touch devices can be connected together to display a single large banner.

9 Font Faces
Select from American Typewriter, Arial, Courier, Georgia, Helvetica, MarketFelt, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, and Verdana. Certain font family is available from Banner Deluxe only.


40 Themes
Themes save your time and look beautiful! Each theme consists of a distinctive set of backdrop, font face, text texture, and stroke color that are carefully chosen by an award-winning design pro.

75 Backgrounds
Fire, water, sand, grass, wood, memo pad, sky, outer space, foggy glass, snow & more! These original backgrounds fit well with many different text effects.

85 Textures
Each texture has been carefully chosen to mix and match with different backgrounds.

90 symbols and emoticons
Simply click on the icon on the upper right corner and voila! Many symbols and emoticons at your fingertip!

Multiple Display Support
Finally comes an application that connects multiple iPod Touch/iPhone devices together! Banner Lite/Deluxe allows up to 10 devices to be connected together to display a single large banner. Why don’t you bring your friends and colleagues, and cheer for your favorite team at the stadium, show your affection to the artist at the concert, find your guest at the airport, and make a surprise birthday banner for your family and friends!


On-the-fly Customization
While scrolling, swipe the text to left or right to control the speed and direction of the text scroll.

Text History
Up to 20 lines of text can be stored and edited! (Edit function available from Deluxe v1.1)

Language Support
Menu in English (foreign keyboards & double-byte characters supported)

System Requirement
iPhone (all generations), iPod Touch (all generations)


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