Dual Calculator

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Two independent 2-line calculators in one single screen with unique ‘%’ calculation, and international support!

Some people have just too many thinkings going on, and need more than one single calculator.


- Easy per cent calculation : Okay. How much does it cost when the item on sale has an original price tag of $89.95 but marked down for 20% sale and an additional 15% down? You simply enter 89.95-20%-15%=, and voila, you’ve got the answer. Oh, the sales tax? Don’t worry. Just press +8.95%= (or whatever your local sales tax percentage is) and your wish is answered.

- See your formula : 2-line calculator makes it easy to see what you have entered. It’s less likely to make mistakes.


- BODMAS calculation : While this is not a complex RPN calculator, it follows the rule of scientific calculators and calculates divisions and multiplifications first. 1+2×3 is interpreted NOT as (1+2)x3 which gives the answer 9, but as 1+(2×3) which gives the answer 7.

- International Supports : Does your country express 123,456.78 as 123.456,78? How about separating numbers at every ten thousands, not at every thousands, like 12’4567 instead of 123,456? You can do it all!

- Easy copy & paste : A simple tap on the result from one screen, will immediately copy & paste the number to the calculator on the other screen.


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