Earwax Fantasy – Wax On, Wax Off


◇◆ Look, Ma! The largest earwax ever! ◆◇

A smash hit ear-picking game from Japan finally comes to the West! 3 million downloads can’t be wrong! Come and join now in the most pickiest adventure of finding the weirdest treasures… fresh from your ear canal!

Meet the World’s first ear-picking game The Earwax Fantasy – Wax On, Wax Off. In this game, you become a ear cleaner and treat various customers to give them a perfect clean of their ears. Your goal is to look for the largest blob of ear muck, and complete your collection of wild findings. Fish out all sorts of things such as nail clippers, screws, little birdies, wigs, dirty magazines, as well as the weirdest creatures living inside the ear canal.

◇◆ How to Play ◇◆
Move around the ear picker to locate stuff to take out from the ear.
Be careful not to poke too deep inside! You’ll need time to recover.
When you’re near the target, the background will change.
When it says ‘Hit!’, now you’ll need to avoid ear hairs and weird creatures and get the stuff outside!
Avoid ear hairs and unfriendly creatures, and help out the ones who talk to you on the way
Collect all the treasures and creatures to unlock new ears!

◇◆ Features ◇◆
- 12 most wanted ear pickers
- 72 Mystery Treasure Collection
- 36 Creature Collection
- Real-voice scream sounds
- Brag your rarest findings via Twitter or Facebook!
- New mystery creature hunting you down giving you Trivia knowledge.

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