Zombies have invaded your town, but hold your chainsaw!
They are asking for scrumptiously delicious pizzas, not brains!

This is highly addictive, best-of-the-breed time-management action tycoon game, featuring unique blend of gaming styles, excitement and sophistication. Once you have started, you can’t stop!

- Awesome graphics with 20 challenging yet fun-packed stages, 7 different types of zombies, and various pizza recipes!
- Once-you’ve-started-you-can’t-let-go-gameplay for making your customers happy with pizzas, sodas, and other goodies.
- Funky original soundtrack

1. Take an order from your not-so-friendly zombie customer.
2. Get the toppings correct, then tap to place the pizza into the oven.
3. Tap the oven to put it out of oven, then give it away by tapping on your soon-to-be-happy customer.

Sounds simple? Not so, when you give it a try. Customer satisfaction is crucial in saving your town (and your brain). Don’t make them wait too long and keep your zombie friends super-happy by perfecting your pizza skills!
Who knows? Maybe they’ll turn back into human with your super delicious pizzas!



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