D-day Normandy


D-Day Normandy


Survive the diabolic battlefield!

A modern remake of classic arcade shooter action that puts you right in the middle of the infamous battlefield on the coast of Normandy! Awake your rage hidden underneath! And Survive!



- Classic shooter action with modern touch controls

- Fascinating characters, cool stage designs, and mind-blowing effects!

- Powerful weapons (shotgun, flamethrower, rocket launcher) and upgradable items

- Three unique stages (Omaha Beach, Cerisy Forest, Base Camp)

- Online leaderboard (supports the Game Center)

- Military rankings and achievements

- Name your own character

- Epic sound track


Cool Tips

- Complete your mission to get promoted and gain higher scores!

- Make sure to collect all coins to unlock and upgrade cool items!

- Make use of the covers! (Buildings, trees, hedgehog)




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