What is your most-immediate goal?
Quit smoking?
Lose weight?
Stop impulse buy?
Gain self-esteem?

Hypnotized! creates hypnotic atmosphere with a mix of great audio and visual effects, designed to influence subsequent later thoughts, behaviors, actions, and attitudes.


The unique feature of Hypnotized! is that you can insert your own custom-message. There are many studies and testimonies on ‘subliminal message’ where many psychologists believe it has positive impacts on goal-oriented communication. While this application takes advantage of the technics from ‘subliminal messaging’, it is NOT completely subliminal, and you will see a flickering when the text is displayed for a very short period of time. This is because certain countries make subliminal messaging illegal.

When you edit the message, we recommend that you keep the text as simple as possible — just one or two words — for maximum effects.

- 4 spinning actions
- 2 pendulum actions
- 5 background music (Ambience, Bhangra, Drum Beat, Native Land, Peace Bowl)
- Adjustable text interval

The developer makes no claims that everyone will be hypnotized as a result of using this application. People with certain medical conditions, such as seizures, should not use this application.
Stop using this application immediately if you feel sick by watching the optical illusions.
Please use this application ethically and at your own risk.

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