i-Gun Shooter

Make your iPad an interactive shooting target that wirelessly connects to multiple iPhone/iPod Touch devices.
i-Gun Shooter is a great party game for all ages!
In 2008, we gave birth to a big roadmap of brining a truly interactive arsenal experiences to iPhone and iPod Touch.
i-Gun Ultimate, originally “iGun, the Ultimate Handgun Experience”, along with its sibling apps i-Gun Lite, i-Gun Promo Pack, and various i-Gun Cash apps, now serves over 5 million users worldwide, and have been widely praised for creating a new genre of mobile application and setting a new standards of entertainment apps.
- Classic Target Mode
- Carnival Mode
- Single-player mode (Tilt your iPad to move the target and tap to shoot)
- Multi-player mode (up to 4 iPhones / iPod Touches can be connected via Bluetooth)
- i-Gun Ultimate v15 or higher
- i-Gun Shooter Companion (available for free!)
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