Big Button Calculator

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2-line speaking calculator with big buttons, unique ‘%’ calculation, fascinating voice and skins, and international support!

This is a simple calculator for basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for everyday use. You may be wondering… “Why do I need to buy a calculator when there is already a built-in calculator from my iPhone/iPod touch?”


Hmm.. that’s a good question. Here are some justifications why you’d want this lovely calculator.

- Easy per cent calculation
Okay. How much does it cost when the item on sale has an original price tag of $89.95 but marked down for 20% sale and an additional 15% down? You simply enter 89.95 -20% -15%=, and voila, you’ve got the answer. Oh, the sales tax? Don’t worry. Just press +8.95%= (or whatever your local sales tax percentage is) and your wish is answered.

- See your formula
2-line calculator makes it easy to see what you have entered. It’s less likely to make mistakes.

- BODMAS calculation
While this is not a complex RPN calculator, it follows the rule of scientific calculators and calculates divisions and multiplifications first. 1+2×3 is interpreted NOT as (1+2)x3 which gives the answer 9, but as 1+(2×3) which gives the answer 7.

- Hear the voice
Whether you needs it for practical use or just for fun, all buttons can be voice activated. Just choose your favorite among Human, Robot, & Instrument.

- Beautiful skins
Spice up your same-old-looking calculator. 5 ways to image-wrap your calculator!

- International Supports
Does your country express 123,456.78 as 123.456,78? How about separating numbers at every ten thousands, not at every thousands, like 12’4567 instead of 123,456? You can do it all!

- Big buttons
Last, but not least, it’s hard to make mistakes entering numbers when the buttons are this big.  To make the buttons as big as possible, certain functions found in other calculators have been omiited. There are no square root, square, m+, m-, mc buttons, but who uses them anyway?

There is one hidden function. A long touch of ‘-’ button will act as a sign change function. :)


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