i-Gun Ultimate – Original Gun App Sensation


i-Gun empowers you with a true arsenal experience with realistic sound and animation.
This is, by far, the most realistic handgun simulation app in AppStore.
See it for yourself before you purchase. Look for ‘vbpod’ on YouTube.

Actions can take place anywhere!
Classroom? Office? Let the war begin!


- Awesome animated graphic and a huge library of ultimate weapon collection!

- Tilt-based action for automated zoom in & out

- Realistic sound (you can even hear the bullet shell dropping)

- Vibration in action (only in iPhone)


1. With your right hand, hold the handgun, and with your left thumb, load the chamber by pulling back the slide and releasing it.
2. Pull the trigger to fire (until you’re out of bullet)
3. Rotate your iPhone/iPod Touch 90 degrees counter-clockwise to drop the magazine out of the gun
4. Give your iPhone/iPod a gentle bump or swipe the magazine to reload.5. Repeat from #1

No animals were harmed or injured in the making of i-Gun series!



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