101 Fun Cards

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Entertain and educate your kids with 100+ beautifully illustrated flashcards and child-engaging voice!

“101 Fun Cards” offer children a fun and easy way to practice over 100 basic words and phrases.
Your kids can learn 54 single words and 50 complex words, and strengthen phonics, letter recognition, and reading readiness skills.

Similar flashcards run between $5.00 – $8.00 per set. Why spend more for non-interactive flashcards, when you can get highly intuitive, interactive flashcards for a lot less?


- Easy, intuitive interface
- Full-color illustrated flashcards
- Professionally recorded voice
- Great for pre-schoolers and ESL classes!

All illustrations are excerpted from “4th Dimensional Adventure of Cube boy DORU,” a series of full-colored edutainment cartoon books for ESL kids to learn vocabulary effortlessly. All characters and illustrations are used under license from Extrastandard Inc. All rights reserved.


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