Rain Alert

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Has it ever occurred to you when it was nice and sunny in the morning but by the time you’re ready to return home it suddenly started raining and you’re left without an umbrella? How many dollars have you wasted buying unnecessary umbrellas?

Rain Alert sends you out push notifications on the day it’s supposed to rain in the next 12 hours from the user-specified alarm time. You’ll never have to get soaked in the rain again!

- Simple one-time setup for alarm time, location, and probability of rain (Make sure to hit “SAVE” button after you have adjusted the settings)
- Set 3 unique destinations (Pro version only)
- Patent pending technology that aggregates the most up-to-date weather information from thousands of locations worldwide

- Internet connection is mandatory to receive push notifications
- By downloading the free version of Rain Alert, you agree to receive occasional news and updates from Vanilla Breeze and its affiliated partners. The pro version of Rain Alert come with 12 months of ad-free service from the first day of activation
- Vanilla Breeze retains its rights to terminate or modify the service without notice

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